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Yesterday’s trip to the post office

These went to the US Post Office yesterday. This covers 99+% of the registered voter addresses in Selma.


There is ONE polling center for the upcoming election

There is only one polling location for the municipal election this year. This just makes sense. Selma is small enough to have just one polling location for the entire town as it is, especially for municipal elections. Municipal elections typically have the lowest turnout of any election we hold. Having two polling locations in our town was a waste of taxpayer money for rent, manpower, and equipment.

I usually work the local polling center for elections but obviously cannot do so while being on the ballot this year. I talked to our Board of Elections about this a while ago and it is good to see that we are condensing into one location. This especially makes sense when about 50% of the ballots cast in the last election were during early voting.

The moral high ground?

I have encountered this very thing even right here in our little town of Selma just recently. Get to know the facts before you comment or vote. I will not call people out publicly, but when you follow enough people even on Facebook, you learn a lot.

Over the weekend, I got to talk to a lot of different people from various sections of town and demographics. I also got to talk to people from outside of our little “town bubble”. It was amazing to listen to people’s opinions that they had to offer about the town’s past, the current crop of candidates for both Town Council and Mayor, previous Council members, and current events in town.

Sometimes it is easy enough to see through smoke screens and identify things as they are; sometimes not so much and it takes further observation.

Folks, one thing I guarantee is true. With me, what you see is what you get. I am straight forward, I don’t play games, and I have no real personal agenda other than to make sure that the best interests of the town and its citizens are pursued.