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I filed for office.

I just completed the paperwork for filing for the election yesterday and I already got a request to fill out a questionnaire from the local newspaper. Here are the questions and answers I provided. I figured I would put it here first.

Why are you running for office?  First and foremost, I am running for Council to serve my community and family.  Municipal government is the level of government that affects everyone the most, whether people realize that or not.  A town can affect the roads you drive, the color of your house, how you use your property, your electricity rates, water and sewer rates and access, tax rates on the items you buy and the property you own, the public safety protection you receive, your leisure activities, and your quality of life.  I want to ensure that we have a balance of freedom and responsibility in our community and local government.

What are the greatest challenges facing your town?  We have a challenge ahead with town infrastructure for water, sewer, and facilities that need to be addressed.  We also have issues with setting priorities on what we spend our tax dollars on while maintaining our commitments to public safety.

How would you address them? Please be specific.  First, we need to commit to fixing the issues we have had for decades.  We have crumbling sewer lines that are over a century old and have to turn away development because of inadequate water and sewer availability.  We need to maintain and replace existing lines as well as prepare for future expansion if we are going to grow as a town.  These are things we should have been doing years ago.  Along with that, we need to stop spending money on things that are “nice ideas” but just cannot be a priority for the town as we have been doing for the past several years.

Education, including high school and any college:  I graduated from Franklin, New Hampshire Jr.-Sr. High School in 1986 and New Hampshire Vocational Technical College in 1988 with a degree in Fire Protection.  I have been a NC resident since shortly after college graduation.

Hobbies: Fountain pen collecting and video blogging about them at 

If not retired, what is your occupation and who is your employer?  I am an engineer with Spectrum Reach, which is the advertising division of Spectrum/Charter Cable.  This is my 27th year with the company.

Spouse: Sharon LaPlante

Children’s names and ages: John, 18. Matthew, 12,  Benjamin, 9

Church affiliation:  Our family are members of The Bridge Church in Princeton

Civic clubs and community service, including any town boards. Please indicate if current or past member:  Current: Town of Selma Planning Board and Board of Adjustment.  Past:  Town of Selma Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, Johnston County Local Emergency Planning Committee.  In years past I also served with my local fire department prior to residing in Johnston County.  I also regularly work as a poll worker in my local voting precinct.  I have led several different church men’s groups over the years.


Spread the word. Get a shirt.

You can show your support for Troy’s campaign by getting and wearing one of his campaign shirts. They are modeled after his campaign yard signs, but are available in three colors and sizes from childrens’ through 5XL. You can get your shirts now and prepare for the upcoming campaign season. and

My views are no secret.

I have never been shy about sharing what I stand for. I have made it very public what I believe and if you want to know where I stand on most issues, they are free and open for public review. For six and a half years, I wrote a weekly opinion column for The Selma News. Every single column is still available online for your viewing pleasure. You can read my column on this website if you want to know more about my views on local, state, and national issues. The column was mostly local content, so that should give you a lot of insight into my perspectives.