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I am “an open book” on my stances on issues

I have more information out about what I believe and stand for than any other candidate on the ballot. Here is just a reminder that I have six and a half years of newspaper columns I wrote for The Selma News still online and available for your reading pleasure and research. I am pretty muchContinue reading “I am “an open book” on my stances on issues”

The latest Johnstonian News article

The Johnstonian News published an article on me this week about the upcoming election. Since this is only available by subscription, here is the content of the article. Troy LaPlante is a longtime resident of Selma, where he and his wife are raising three sons. ‚ÄúThat means I have an interest in how much thisContinue reading “The latest Johnstonian News article”

Article on recycling program in Selma

“The Johnstonian News” reported on the discussions in the last Town Council Meeting about the recycling program and enforcement of the policies. Abandoning the program was not exactly part of the discussion but that doesn’t seem to matter for the purposes of the article.For the record, I have already done a YouTube video on thisContinue reading “Article on recycling program in Selma”