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Don’t let government stand in the way

In Downtown Selma this evening, a local church put on a festival and out reach event. It was totally planned, funded, and executed by a private group. There was some discussion by the Town Council about whether or not to allow the event. 20% of the Council was opposed to allowing the event.

There was a huge turnout to experience games, candy, inflatables, food trucks, music, and a lot of fun.

As a town, we should be welcoming events like this and cooperating with private groups. Quite honestly, they put on a bigger and better festival than the town does with events like Railroad Days. we need to let events like happen, not allowing local government to stand in the way.


Published by troylaplante

I am a happily married guy living in Selma, North Carolina with my wife and three boys. I have a background in radio broadcasting, fire protection, and some technical/computer experience. I currently am employed as a Senior Engineering Specialist at one of the world's largest media and entertainment companies (company policy is that I should not mention the name). I have been a newspaper columnist, blogger, podcaster, and a TV and radio talk show host. I still occasionally get to do voice-overs for radio and television as well as video productions. I have been known to run for public office, run P.A. systems at churches, and volunteer with some scouting organizations. I have a love for God, my family, and my country, and I admit that I fall short on patience when people mess with any of those three. I have had a lifelong love/hate relationship with both politics and religion, and don't shy from having opinions on either. My hobbies include shooting, theology, and using, fixing, and enjoying fountain pens.

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